Support & Development

Mailing List

Questions about the SDK should be sent to its Google Group.

Reporting Bugs

Bugs with the SDK should be reported on the issue tracker at Github. Bugs with Facebook’s Graph API should be reported on Facebook’s bugtracker.

Security Issues

Security issues with the SDK that would adversely affect users if reported publicly should be sent through private email to the project maintainer at martey @ (GPG key ID is 0x2cd700988f74c455).


Use Github Pull Requests

All potential code changes should be submitted as pull requests on Github. A pull request should only include commits directly applicable to its change (e.g. a pull request that adds a new feature should not include PEP8 changes in an unrelated area of the code).

Code Style

Code must be compliant with PEP 8. Use the latest version of pep8 or flake8 to catch issues.

Git commit messages should include a summary and proper line wrapping.

Update Tests and Documentation

All non-trivial changes should include full test coverage. Please review the package’s documentation to ensure that it is up to date with any changes.